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Sapphire Brand Recharge

Leading Accounting and Contractor experts, Sapphire asked Definition to help them recharge their brand. The brand identity had become dated and needed a refresh but most importantly, we needed to create a clear distinction between the two parts of the company whilst still showing their collective strength.

Sapphire is unique in that they have employees that work seamlessly across both sides of their business, an accountancy side supporting SME’s, Entrepreneurs and start-ups, and a contracting side focusing on limited companies and umbrella payroll solutions.

The Sapphire team are bright, driven and dynamic, but their old branding didn’t reflect this. We needed to create a cohesive brand identity that would work as both sides of the business grow, whilst highlighting their USP that they are both accounting experts and contractor/umbrella experts. To do this, we created a strong company brand that separates to create two distinct brands for each side of the business. The brands work together and standalone, with both recognition of their heritage and clear messaging to new customers.  Using a new colour palette, it’s easy to identify each side of the business whilst making it clear that although there are two sides to the business, they are one team and this sets them apart from their competition.


Registered/Office Address: Definition Consulting Ltd, c/o Workplace, Fourth Floor, Broadhurst House, 56 Oxford Street, Manchester M1 6EU. Company Number: 07529019. VAT No: 107357915.

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