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Your brand is everything

We had known Walker Begley for a while before we began working with them and one thing that always stood out was their brand, website and even office did not match up with the dynamic forward thinking firm that they are when you meet with them.

We were delighted when they asked for our help to create a new brand and website (following many hints). We spent time with their staff, the management team and their clients ensuring we had a good understanding of who they are and the service they delivered. This research at the outset allowed us to get a clear picture as to what their brand should look like and they wanted a very much less is more approach to the website.

This included not having the same old straplines that their competitors use. One of the things that stood out during our research phase was that they were Confident in their abilities and wanted their clients to be Informed of what they could do in the ever-changing world of running a business, but they also felt very strongly that they themselves wanted to be successful and for their clients to also have Success in their business. This is where the three key words and symbols that form part of their branding came from.

Registered/Office Address: Definition Consulting Ltd, Suite B, Ground floor, Jackson House, Sibson Road, Sale, M33 7RR. Company Number: 07529019. VAT No: 107357915.

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