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The law of attraction…

gunnercooke chose to work with us because they wanted help being more creative. As a challenger law firm they want to stand out and are proudly rocking the status quo in the legal sector.

Their written messages were clear but lacked supporting imagery and brand personality. The law of attraction campaign is all about focusing on what you want, why you became a lawyer and what kind of lifestyle you want. With the theory being that through focusing on the most important things that you start to attract and thus achieve them.  The heads imagery in this campaign uses copy from the law of attraction theory and from a lawyer survey – blending the theory with what lawyers want.  The campaign demonstrated what this Alternative Business Structure (ABS) firm gunnercooke are doing, lawyers are self-employed and operate through the gc brand.  So attracting new lawyers to join is a key part of their growth strategy.

The creative law of attraction campaign is about attracting talented lawyers that want to achieve more, whether that be controlling how they act as a lawyer, how much they earn, or how much and when they work. Focusing on what you want attracts it to you so you achieve your goals.  This striking creative is not the norm for the traditional law firm and was the beginning for their creative supporting their key messages.

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