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A Direct Mail campaign that delivered results

The Brief:

The business wanted to generate new leads that cost less than PPC and SEO and were of much better quality. These leads needed to be directly from ‘sweet spot prospects’, prospects we knew were in the right market sectors, ensuring that we were talking to the right senior decision-makers.

In addition, we knew it was important to position the client as a leading service management software provider because software changes are big decisions for businesses, so the first impression is crucial. They may not be ready to consider new software now, but they’ll likely be looking to do so in the near future.

Making software decisions is a lengthy process – think of all the project scoping, reviewing 3 or more suppliers, comparing specifications and proposals, involving multiple departments and teams. We needed to convey quickly, not just how great the software is but the benefits it gives businesses. Without boring them, we don’t want to talk about demos or us, we want to engage them quickly so they can start to imagine a better way of working.

The Marketing Approach:

  • Profiling senior decision-makers in target sectors and verifying we’ve got the right names and contact info – we call this our wish list
  • Designing an innovative video brochure that makes an impact when it lands and plays as soon as you open it
  • Making the video a ‘story’ prospects can relate to – all about how they can deliver a great service and how with that comes growth & success
  • Making the call to action simple and following up without saying ‘Did you get my brochure?’ – but instead asking open questions to learn more about whether Service Geeni can help
  • Sending personalised email marketing – firstly to introduce our sales team and warm-up the list, so we see who opens stuff and ensure we don’t waste money sending mail to disinterested parties
  • Using clips from the video on social to maximise brand awareness.

The results:

Lower cost and higher quality inbound and outbound leads, plus easier conversations for the sales team to have with relevant prospects that resulted in demonstrations, quotes and new business.


When a more complex brand message needs to be conveyed, multiple channels and integrated marketing is more effective and better for your budget too.

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