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Marketing Strategy

Effective communications will make your audience sit up and take notice and by using an integrated mix of communication tools your marketing spend can achieve cumulative results. Combining the right mix of online and offline activity can provide significant measurable differences for your business.

Great marketing materials come from combining creativity, innovation and imagination with strong objectives and a complete understanding of your audience; behind every good campaign is a well-researched strategic idea and marketing plan. We understand that all our client’s work with us for one reason, to achieve the results they need for their business.

Every business works differently which means everyone’s marketing requirements will differ. We spend a lot of time at the beginning of working with you to understand what your goals are so that we can design a bespoke marketing plan to ensure you achieve the right results for you.


Without a doubt brand, can be one of your most valuable assets when it comes to generating and sustaining a successful business. Branding is much more than a pretty logo.

Your brand is what your customer experiences from the first moment they interact with your company, so it’s important to think about what differentiates you from the competition. Who are you? Who do you want to be? What makes you memorable?

We aim to help you answer these questions to develop a brand identity that truly represents your company values and goals.


Creative & Design

Our in house creative team work hand in hand with our Account Managers and Directors to make sure any design we produce works on both a commercial and creative level. Our designers are on hand to develop brand visuals for all mediums, platforms and marketing communications as and when you need it.

Lead Generation

Generating leads and increasing sales conversion to win new business is at the core of what we do. However, there is no quick and easy route to good lead generation!  Each client and target audience is different, at Definition Consulting we explore your target audience; what is important to them and how can we best reach and contact them.  We then create campaigns to attract them and messages to engage them, once we’ve got prospects interested we work closely to help clients close the sale because at the end of the day it’s the bottom line that counts not simply enquiries.  Once we’ve developed campaigns that deliver a steady stream of leads we work on refinement – how do we improve quality to win more at every stage of the sales process; minimising cost per lead/acquisition, maximising ROI.


Does your website really show who you are and provide the user with an enjoyable, engaging experience? Does your website inspire prospects to get in touch and find out more about your services or buy your products directly online? Definition designs websites with the user in mind. We explore your target audience and develop websites that make a great first impression and deliver the content they want. All of our websites are fully mobile and tablet responsive and we can ensure they integrate with any other software you may have. We regularly update client websites & blogs to continually engage your target audiences and keep your brand front of mind.


The reality is we are spending more and more time online.  Successful marketing campaigns are all about connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time remaining front of mind. Today that includes using digital channels such as websites, social media, email marketing, google search and online PR to connect with current and prospective customers.  Choosing the right digital channels for your business and engaging with customers is critical to ensure a return on investment.

Social Media

You may believe that Social Media is not for you but the key to a successful social media campaign is ensuring you choose the right platforms for your audience and most importantly that you engage with people online.

Do you know where your target audience is visiting and interacting online? LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest?

We will research your target market to develop a Social Media strategy and content plan specific to your audience, we write content and create engaging campaigns to help start online conversations and achieve your marketing objectives.

SEO & Pay Per Click

Whether you want to boost exposure through Pay Per Click advertising or use Search Engine Optimisation to increase your Google rankings for your product, service or brand we can help you achieve this. We work with your budgets and offer a range of search, PPC advertising, affiliate marketing and more to find a solution that will deliver the results you need.

Direct Mail

In a world where so much effort is put into building an online profile for companies on social platforms and so much time is spent generating content and trying to build faceless engagement online, direct mail is all about contacting prospects directly.  When did you last receive some interesting business mail in the post?  Chances are you took more notice of it than the email in your clutter folder or the myriad of posts in your twitter or Linkedin feed?  Direct mail is all about being very targeted, engaging with prospects in a creative way to pique their interest and generating enquiries and conversations with decision makers. Good direct mail campaigns take careful planning, thorough database management, clever creative and attention to detail.  We’ve never delivered a targeted direct mail campaign that hasn’t generated leads – for that reason alone we love it!

Business Development Consultancy

Successful business development requires a consistent approach and a substantial investment of time.

Winning new clients is the lifeblood of any business, allowing it to grow, improve and continue to be profitable. Yet when you are busy, it can be all too easy to concentrate all of your efforts on the present. The danger of this is you are not planning where your next piece of work is coming from. At Definition, we believe that business development should never stop and our business development consultancy works with you to lighten this burden, providing a flexible and tailored approach to suit your business’s needs.

Sales Coaching

In today’s business landscape, it is vital that any sales and marketing activity is shared in the everyday communications of your staff. If ‘the company line’ stops with the Directors or Partners of a business, the messages which have been crafted will quickly be diluted. Sales and business development coaching from Definition can help to alleviate these very problems; encouraging staff to embrace and embody a business’s core values whilst spotting potential opportunities along the way. The result is staff that are not only more engaged in the business, but are helping you to grow. Our coaching will arm all customer-facing staff with the knowledge they need to appreciate the place of sales and business development in today’s business environment and how to spot, and act upon, any opportunities that may arise. Each coaching course will be tailored specifically to tackle the problems facing your business.

PR & Events

Your reputation is key to your success. Great Public Relations is about managing your reputation and ensuring that your business is portrayed in the way in which you believe it should. We work closely with your desired press, whether that be local or niche specialist publications, to build relationships with journalists on your behalf. We will create newsworthy content and build the profile your business deserves. Event marketing strategies leave a lasting, brand-focused impression on a group of people. It should provide each of them with an experience that will resonate in their minds. We work closely with you to hold events which will be memorable and impact your audience. Running an event can be time consuming to get right so let us take away the stress and create a lasting and powerful impression of your business.

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